You Will Be Surprised What These Smart Honey Badgers Are Capable Of!

Have you seen a Honey Badger? For those who are not aware, Honey badgers are weasel-like animals that are more commonly found in Africa, Southeast Asia and some of the Indian subcontinent. Little did you know, these animals are surprisingly really smart and this documentary video will prove us so. It turns out, these honey badgers are the kind of animals that you cannot trick with. In this video, we can see how these smart honey badgers managed to get out of their cage with no ease. They can open the locks by themselves so when the zookeeper put them in an enclosed cell, they find their way to escape. These badgers use the rocks and muds and even rakes and sticks to act as  ladder so they can climb up and run away. Although these animals are giving their zookeepers a hard time, it is so fascinating how intelligent these creatures are! Feel free to watch the video below and see what these smart honey badgers are capable of.