This Rubik’s Cube Magic Will Leave You Scratching Your Heads!

You have probably scene some of those insane Rubik’s Cube trick online. We have seen some highly talented kids who can solve the Rubik’s Cube puzzle in no time! However, in this video, we will witness a trick that is seemingly hard to explain on how the hell this guy managed to solve the puzzle without even touching the cube. This video will take us to one of the auditions from this year’s America’s Got Talent where a guy named Steven Brundage leave the judges and the audience in awe after making a seemingly impossible Rubik’s Cube Magic. On the first trick, he put an already mixed Rubik’s cube on a paper bag and after a few seconds, he put it out of the bag and the cube is already solved without him touching it. On the second trick, he attempted to copy Simon’s Cowell’s mixed Rubik’s cube without him looking on the pattern and he surprisingly managed to do so! This Rubik’s Cube Magic is truly insane and will absolutely leave you scratching your head.