10 Women Donald Trump dated will change the way you vote!

“The Donald” certainly isn’t one of the most charming men alive, but he does possess two attractive qualities.  He is confident, and he has a boat load of cash.  Right now, he is making a solid at becoming The President of the United States by implementing his own unique theatrics.  People are into him because they want major change.  Donald is unlike any other candidate they have seen before.  His background isn’t in politics, it’s in business mainly real estate.

His followers are the kind of people who blame others for their problems.  People think if they can’t evolve enough to find a job in modern society, it’s not their fault.  People like this have a lot to learn.  In the world today, there are endless jobs and a lot of money on the table.  All you have to do is think outside the box.  Technology and the internet have changed the world forever, it’s time to adapt.  Donald isn’t the answer.

One thing Donald has done well is pick up some incredibly attractive women in his life.  Fame, fortune and confidence are a powerful mixture.  If Donald can pull these women with his haircut, all men out there have a real shot at finding themselves some talent if they look hard enough.  #3 was Donald’s best work!

10. Kara Young

What a rebound Donald!  Following his divorce from former wife, Marla Maples, supermodel Kara Young came into the picture.  Trump didn’t hold back from reaching into the TMI zone with his friends either by telling them he gave her the best Os.  A funny incident occurred during an interview on the Howard Stern radio show.  New York columnist and Young’s fiance at the time, A.J. Benza, was talking to Stern about his supermodel fiance when none other than Trump called into Stern’s show.  After the mandatory argument began, Young called in to confirm her relationship with Trump.  Now that’s a low blow!  Another exotic supermodel next!