Terry Crews Annihilates Mike Tyson With His Lip Sync Of Vanessa Carlton’s “Thousand Miles!”

As one of the stars from Brooklyn Nine Nine, Terry Crews plays the funny man quite well. In fact, his whole career has involved making people laugh. Therefore, when he hit the Lip Sync Battle stage it was no shock that he brought his A game and left all who were watching laughing their asses off!

In his battle against Mike Tyson he definitely had no room for mistakes. However, he certainly knew how to win over the audience and did so by getting down on the piano to Vanessa Carlton’s hit single “Thousand Miles.” That was not all though! Terry Crews also gets shirtless and dances around the stage with ballerina ribbons.

It is a performance that is sure to leave you laughing your ass off! To witness Terry’s flamboyant performance first hand click the video below! You d not want to miss out on this fun!