Poor Kitten Trapped In Storm Drain Rescued After 96 Hours!

In this video, we are about to witness how humanity is being restored! The video will take us back to somewhere in Corona, California where a kitten was found in  bumper of a van. However, during the rescue operation, the kitten jumped off the van but unfortunately landed on a storm drain grate and fell into a 7ft hole. Witnesses called the fire department and the animal control but none of them can save the poor kitten. From here, a rescue effort by those who are deeply concerned to the trapped cat was done but the cat retreated to a smaller pipe which made the rescue ever harder. They tried all their best to retrieve the cat out of the smaller piper. They even used a remote controll car just to scare the kitten away. Luckily, a girl decided to take a risk and attempted to enter the small pipe. Few minutes later, it was a success! The poor kitten was rescued from being trapped! The kitten was named Cali and was also adopted by Megan, the girl who rescued the car out of the small pipe! Cali is definitely now in great hands! Watch the intense rescue operation below and see how humanity is being restored in this video below.