Emma Stone Brings Her A Game Against Fallon With DJ Khaled’s Song “All I Do Is Win!”

Before celebrities battled one another on stage for the title of Lip Sync Battle champion they were hitting the stage with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. Several of his celebrity guests would get lured into the popular segment and battle the host as they sang along to their favorite songs.

More often than not the result was some impressive, yet hilarious renditions of songs from all genres! In this clip we check out one of Emma Stone’s Lip Sync Battles against Jimmy Fallon. The Oscar nominated actress shocked everyone as she eased into DJ Khaled’s song “All I Do Is Win”.

Throughout the performance Emma Stone gets wilder and wilder even using various camera angles to add to the intensity! It definitely makes for one hell of a performance. To watch this hilarious lip sync battle from the early days click the video below!