7 Amazing Dog Gadgets That You Should Try

The CrazyRussian Guy never failed to amuse me with his great life hacks. Some of them are truly unimaginable yet surprisingly effective. In this video, he will show us something new. He will not be conducting any insane experiments but he will test some gadgets not for him but for his dogs. In this video, he will be testing not just one but seven different dog gadgets to know which of them works perfectly amazing and which works the other way around. The first gadget he tested is a tennis ball that can be attached to the phone via clip. This tennis ball aims to grab the dog’s attention so the owner can get a perfect shot of his dog without his pet knowing it since they are more focused on the tennis ball. The second gadget is a mat that can be used inside the car to prevent the dogs from messing up inside the car. The third one is a gadget specifically made to pet your dog. The fourth one is quite weird which is called the “Paw Wash” which aims to wash the dog’s paw while the next gadget is a fake nails that can be attached to the dog nails to prevent them from making scratches either on things or to the owner. The last gadget ┬áis a Glow in the dark color and I don’t think it needs any more explanation! With all the gadgets being tested, which one is your favorite