20 Old School ’80s Toys That Are Now Worth a Fortune

Back in an age before video games and cell phones were mainstream, there were toys. This age was known as the ’80s. At the time, Nintendo and Atari were still new. Aside from video games, action figures and dolls were still popular too. Back then, children didn’t need electronics to enjoy pure entertainment. If you grew up in the ’80s, you’re probably already thinking of some of your favorite toys.

When you see how much some toys from the ’80s are now worth, you’re going to wish you never opened the box! Number one is worth a shocking amount!

20. Fireball Island – Now Worth $425


It’s hard to imagine a board game being worth any more than a few dollars. Board game giant Milton Bradley is the creator of Fireball Island. After a few unsuccessful advertising campaigns, they ended the game’s production. If you are lucky enough to have the game in mint condition with all the associated pieces, you could have another $425 in your pocket.